South Eastern Europe Chapter Development

ISRM South Europe chapter is led by the University of Belgrade Professor Zoran Kekovic and his Center for Risk Analysis and Crisis Management (CARUK). (

The chapter was established in February 2020 and the Linked-In page currently has 40 members. It should be mentioned that around 40% of the members are not from the SE region. Among the members from the SEE there are security directors of the large oil and gas companies such as NIS (Serbia) and INA (Croatia), retail companies – IKEA, Metro Cash&Carry, then security managers of World Bank, owners and directors of security SMEs, highly ranked officials of institutions such as Ministry of the Interior (Serbia) and Civil Protection Directorate (Croatia), and university professors and postgraduate students from the University of Criminal Law and Policing (Belgrade) and Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade.

As it can be seen most of the local members are from Serbia and Croatia. In the coming period the focus will be on inclusion of the security experts and professionals from other SEE countries – particularly Greece, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro.

We will periodically post a request to the members on the Linked-In SEE ISRM page to expand the network by inviting potential members to the chapter.

Chapter Activities

As the first activity we will create an e-questionnaire with only a few questions about the topics and activities the members are interested into. Topics: COVID-19, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Refugee Crisis etc. Activities: courses, webinars, conferences, joint participation on projects etc.

From September, we will start organizing regional Zoom Campfires on a monthly basis.

Chapter Reporting

From the inception of the chapter, the activities have been steered through CARUK, by promoting among its members and partners the ISRM activities, particularly L4 and L5 courses and the upcoming conference.

During the coming period, CARUKs weekly zoom sessions and video conferences are an opportunity to promote a global role of the ISRM, and plan to use the ISRM (or ISRM SEE Chapter – whichever is more suitable) as the coorganizer of the conference in Dubrovnik postponed for October 2021.