ISRM KSA Chapter Announcement

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the ISRM KSA Chapter, representing a significant milestone in our mission to advance strategic risk and crisis management worldwide. The KSA Chapter stands as a testament to the ISRM’s commitment to fostering a global community dedicated to navigating the complexities of today’s risk landscape.

KSA and its surrounding region present a unique and dynamic environment. With a diverse interplay of economic, geopolitical and cultural factors, the challenges faced by organisations operating in this region demand a thorough understanding and proactive approach to risk mitigation.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the significance of strategic risk and crisis management cannot be overstated. The establishment of the ISRM KSA Chapter marks a vital step towards supporting organisations and individuals in the KSA region to develop the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving risk landscape. Through a range of events and initiatives, we aim to create a vibrant platform that empowers risk professionals to enhance their skills, exchange insights and forge lasting connections.

We are honored to have Christopher Pacey MBE CMgr FCMI F.ISRM as the Chapter Chair of the KSA Chapter.

Christopher brings a wealth of expertise to this role, with over 25 years of military service and 8 years of overseas consultancy experience. His diverse skill set encompasses crisis management, leadership development and specialised consulting in CBRNe defense, including expertise in post-contamination operations.

His background includes significant experience in incident command, control and communication, having implemented Gold, Silver and Bronze procedures. He has mentored and developed trainees on degree-level courses, fostering exceptional leadership, followership and teamwork aligned with strategic goals.

Previously, Christopher has held various roles, including CBRNe counter-terrorism, sampling and identification of biological, chemical and radiological agents, nuclear accident response organisation and serving as an advisor to the Health Control Monitoring Force for the UK government and NGO communities. He has provided military instructional training to foreign nationals, served as a counter-mine/IED awareness advisor and coordinated intelligence, information analysis and production.

Christopher’s extensive background and expertise align perfectly with the role of Chair of the ISRM KSA Chapter, making him an ideal fit to drive the progress of strategic risk and crisis management within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.