Podcast – Professionalizing Risk Management with Dr David Rubens

If risk management underpins everything we do in the security industry, why is the delivery of high level training so underserved? And why are the requisite skills not valued more by all practitioners?

We’re joined by Dr David Rubens, founder and executive director of the ISRM (Institute of Strategic Risk Management), as well as MD and CEO of Deltar Training Solutions.

On today’s episode, we’re going to explore what the the professionalization of risk management means to protective services and why it’s relevant. We’ll also be asking…

  • Is there’s a shortage of risk management skills within the industry and why? Why are there not more compelling arguments for acquiring recognised risk management qualifications earlier in a career?
  • For operators wondering where to spend their CPD budget? Is risk management something that is going to have immediate returns or do the rewards come later into your career?
  • Should RM Training be incorporated into the basic training modules of executive and close protection?
  • What is the ISRM doing to address the skills shortage and plug the gaps?

Today’s episode is very much for anyone looking for longevity in the industry. If you value professionalisation and are prepared to invest in yourself, this one’s for you. And as David reminds us…

“Qualifications don’t get you a job. But not having qualifications will stop you getting a job when you get to a certain level.”