ISRM Multi-Year Membership

ISRM has decided to create a Multi-Year Membership packages. 

We are offering a 20% discount if you register for 5 Years, and are offering Lifetime Membership for the equivalent of 8 years payment.

  • M.ISRM 5-Year Membership Package – £ 400 / € 475 / $ 485
  • M.ISRM Lifetime Membership Package – £ 800 / € 950 / $ 970
  • F.ISRM 5-Year Membership Package – £ 600 / € 710 / $ 725
  • F.ISRM Lifetime Membership Package – £ 1200 / € 1420 / $ 1450

The package is also available to those, who’s account has exipred and are ready to prolong their membership.


Certified Membership level is open to all practitioners, academics and policy makers involved in any activity associated with strategic security, risk management, business continuity, emergency response, crisis management or any other related sector.

Certified Membership carries the post-nominals M.ISRM.

The ISRM is an inclusive organisation, and believes that a better understanding of strategic risk and crisis management will be beneficial to almost anyone involved in senior management positions, and particularly at C-Suite and Executive Committee level.

We encourage practitioners and those engaged in the widest possible range of management activities to join, whatever particular sector they might be involved in. 


Fellow is the highest level of membership, and is reserved for people who have made an outstanding contribution to the understanding and development of strategic risk and crisis management, are respected by their fellow professionals, and have made a contribution to the wider local and global community through their own activities. 

If you are a Fellow of another Institute, you have the right to apply for direct entry as F.ISRM. 

To upgrade from M.ISRM to F.ISRM, there are a number of criteria that need to be met, including a minimum of 2 years as M.ISRM and contributing to the ISRM through your support and activities.

For more details please contact