ISRM Madison Chapter Launch

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the ISRM Madison Chapter.

The Madison Chapter aims to create a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to strategic risk and crisis management in Madison and its surrounding areas. With Madison being renowned for its vibrant research, healthcare, education and diverse industries, the ISRM Madison Chapter will provide a platform to address the specific risks and challenges across all sectors.

Our chapters are committed to facilitating knowledge sharing, fostering networking opportunities and initiating collaborative initiatives to enhance the community’s resilience and preparedness against strategic risks and crises.

We are honored to introduce John Flannery, an accomplished security and law enforcement professional, as the Chair of the ISRM Madison Chapter. With his extensive experience in problem-oriented/community policing, physical security, emergency management and institutional protection, John brings a wealth of knowledge to the Chapter.

John is currently serving as the Director of Public Safety and Risk Management at Madison Area Technical College where he is responsible for ensuring safety and security at the largest technical college in Wisconsin. John’s role as a sworn police officer and chief of police for a small village in central Wisconsin adds valuable real-world expertise to his leadership.

Throughout his career, John has made significant contributions to the field, receiving recognition such as the “WI Officer of the Year” award from the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office in 2001. He holds certifications as a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional, a Wisconsin Certified Public Manager, and a Certified Security Management Professional.

With his exceptional background and commitment to safety, John Flannery is well-equipped to lead the Madison Chapter in addressing strategic risks and fostering a secure environment for the community.