New London Chapter Chair Announcement

We are delighted to announce the re-launch of the London Chapter, marking a significant milestone for the ISRM as we enhance our existing network in the Manchester and South-West Chapters.

We are delighted to introduce Alisa Sultmane, Head of Security and Emergency Planning, KeolisAmey Docklands, as the Chapter Chair for ISRM London.

As Alisa begins her journey with the ISRM, she kindly shared some of her thoughts with us:

”I came across ISRM in 2020, when I was looking to develop my skills and knowledge further and I was glad to see that I was not alone in thinking that we are severely lacking an appropriate understanding of risk, crisis and its management. We know how to deal with incidents and get back to normal, but often are unprepared for the unknown, simply because it is unknown.

There are some basic guides and some very high-level processes mainly for disaster management, but what about everything else that can become a crisis and lead to a disaster? I especially noticed that Security and Emergency Planning are really in need of re-shaping and there is a need to link the security industry into strategic risk management, as often the security risks, if unmanaged, become the unwanted crisis.

When I was offered the opportunity to become ISRM London Chapter Chair, I gladly accepted without hesitation, as once again it will give me opportunity to make a difference. I can see London Chapter as being the hub of collaboration, knowledge sharing, support and development of best practices to share with the world”.

With over two decades of commitment to creating a positive impact, Alisa’s extensive experience in diverse sectors, including data centers, banking, events and transport security, has given her an understanding of the range of challenges facing security and risk professionals across the sector. We are grateful to Alisa for agreeing to take on this additional role and look forward to working together to help develop and grow the London Chapter