Global Crisis Watch 255

by Vanja Matović

You are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 255 on Friday, 15 December at 10.00 GMT. 

The highlighted topics will include:

COP28: UN Climate Talks in Jeopardy in Fossil Fuel Backlash

The COP28 climate talks in Dubai face a deadlock over a draft deal on fossil fuels. Originally suggesting a phase-out, the revised draft omits this, causing tension among nations, particularly those most affected by climate change. The EU is expressing strong objections, threatens to withdraw, and highlights the divide on how to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. Small Island States oppose the draft, demanding firm commitments to phase out fossil fuels. The US, UK and other nations echo these concerns, seeking a more robust approach. The controversy underscores the challenge of balancing global climate action with varied national interests, casting doubt on reaching a consensus as the talks near their scheduled conclusion.

Zelensky in Washington: A High-Stakes Bid for US Aid Amid Congressional Deadlock

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visits Washington to push for US aid, amidst stalled Congressional negotiations benefiting Russia. At the meeting with President Biden and lawmakers, he highlighted the strategic necessity of supporting Ukraine to counter Russian aggression. The visit, aimed at securing a $110.5 billion emergency aid package, faces Republican opposition tying aid to asylum policy changes. Zelensky’s visit coincides with potential new US weapons support, despite skepticism over Ukraine’s military stalemate with Russia.

ChatGPT: A Year of AI Innovation and Controversial Misapplications

Since its launch exactly one year ago, ChatGPT has significantly altered public perception of AI, offering more sophisticated interactions compared to predecessors like Siri or Alexa. It has become a versatile tool for tasks like speech writing, recipe creation and even sports betting. However, its rapid growth raises concerns about misuse, such as in education, legal research and generating harmful content. The challenge lies in using these AI systems safely and wisely, recognising their limitations in discerning truth. With controversies like OpenAI’s management issues and potential breakthroughs in AGI, the evolving AI landscape continues to blend immense potential with ethical complexities.