Global Crisis Watch 248

by Vanja Matović

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Russia Tests Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal as Country Withdraws from Test Ban Treaty

North Korea has sent over 1,000 containers of military equipment to Russia, potentially becoming a significant foreign arms supplier for Russia, joining Iran and Belarus. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin conducted tests of Russia’s nuclear capabilities, including launching ballistic and cruise missiles, and the Russian parliament approved legislation to withdraw from the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Meanwhile, evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine, involving missile attacks, executions and torture, has been presented to the German Federal Prosecutors, marking the start of an effort to bring war criminals to justice under universal jurisdiction.

Israel Launches Ground Raid in Gaza

Israeli troops and tanks conducted an overnight ground raid into northern Gaza in preparation for an expected ground invasion following intense air raids. The UN warned of fuel shortages in Gaza, raising concerns about a deepening humanitarian crisis. Israel maintains that it only targets militants and accuses Hamas of operating among civilians, while Palestinian militants continue to launch rockets into Israel. The UNRWA warned of depleting fuel supplies, raising concerns about a worsening humanitarian crisis.

Mike Johnson is the New Speaker of the House

Republican Mike Johnson has been elected as the new Speaker of the House after weeks of uncertainty following the removal of Kevin McCarthy. Johnson secured the position with 220 votes to 209, enjoying unanimous support from the Republicans. Despite his limited experience in House leadership, Johnson aims to swiftly address pressing issues, such as avoiding a government shutdown and addressing the White House’s request for a $106 billion emergency aid package for Israel, Ukraine and other priorities. He also prioritizes denouncing Hamas and addressing the national debt through a bipartisan debt commission.

Mexico Struck by Hurricane Otis

Hurricane Otis, a Category 5 storm, struck Mexico’s southern Pacific coast, particularly affecting Acapulco. It is considered the strongest storm in history to hit the Eastern Pacific Coast. The hurricane caused extensive flooding and destruction, rendering Acapulco mostly inaccessible by road. Many beachfront hotels were severely damaged, with shattered windows and debris. The storm also triggered looting as desperate residents waited for assistance. While the hurricane dissipated over the mountains, it left devastation in its wake. Residents reported inadequate warnings and shelter options. Drone footage showed Acapulco’s Diamond Zone submerged, with widespread flooding, damaged buildings, and debris. The situation remained chaotic, with people salvaging goods from flooded stores, and soldiers clearing debris.

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