Global Crisis Watch 245

by Vanja Matović

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The highlighted topics will include:

Urban Resilience Tested: NYC Floods and New Orleans’ Water Supply at Risk:

A state of emergency was declared in New York City due to severe storms causing flash floods, inundating subways, streets and highways. The city faced significant transportation disruptions, including subway line suspensions and station closures. Meanwhile, the state of New Orleans faces an impending drinking water crisis, with saltwater intrusion threatening the safety of water supplies for over 1.2 million people. The situation results from a prolonged drought, underscoring the critical need for immediate action to safeguard essential resources and infrastructure in both regions.

Kevin McCarthy Ousted as US House Speaker by Republican Rebels:

In a stunning turn of events, Kevin McCarthy has been removed from his role as House speaker. A coalition of eight Republicans and Democrats orchestrated this move with a 216-210 vote to declare the speaker’s office vacant. McCarthy’s leadership faced challenges from House conservatives, with Representative Matt Gaetz playing the main role in his ousting. This political eartquake leaves the future of House leadership uncertain and it creates a highly dynamic political landscape within the House of Representatives.

Hope in Malaria Battle with Discovery of New Vaccine:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) authorised a highly effective malaria vaccine – R21/Matrix-M. Developed by the Oxford University with support from the Serum Institute of India, the vaccine boasts over 75% efficacy and a low cost of $2 to $4 per dose. Unlike the earlier GSK-developed vaccine, this new option offers promise in the fight against malaria. While it won’t single-handedly eradicate the disease, it serves as a crucial tool to combat it, especially in regions where malaria takes a heavy toll. However, malaria’s complexity, including drug resistance and evolving mosquito species, makes it clear that this vaccine alone won’t be the “end of the malaria story,” as stated by experts.

Israeli government delegation holds Jewish prayer service in Saudi Arabia:

Israel’s Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi led a delegation that held a Jewish prayer service in Saudi Arabia. The service included a Torah scroll dedicated to the Saudi ruler and it took place during the Sukkot holiday. This gesture symbolises warming ties and increasing diplomatic engagement between the two nations. Minister Karhi expressed optimism about advancing peace in the Middle East region through such diplomatic steps. This event marks an ongoing progress toward a historic normalisation agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, facilitated by the United States.

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