Adapting To A New Way Of Working

by Deborah Higgins

New programme of blended learning from the Cabinet Office EPC to support your professional development and build your organisation’s resilience capabilities.

We are learning together how to adapt to cope with the impacts of COVID-19. While we temporarily paused delivering training onsite at our beautiful Hawkhills estate, we continued delivering essential training to over 3,000 individuals from Local Resilience Forums in the UK using our unique remote learning delivery platform our Connected Learning Suite. Feedback has been fantastic with participants saying they felt as if they were in the classroom, and that unlike other platform designed for meetings, the CLS felt more diverse and had more interactive functionality. Combined with the high-quality instruction style, our delegates are delighted that we have quickly adapted to cater for our new and diverse online audience.

Live online learning and meetings have become the new normal, however, we have also opened up our facility as a COVID secure to provide you with the added benefit of networking with colleagues and fellow practitioners in a safe learning environment. The on-site classrooms have been adapted to provide the opportunity for safe interaction which lends itself to some of our more practical training and exercising. Our accommodation, restaurant, coffee lounges, bar and grounds are all open and available, although in limited capacity in line with the government guidance.

The EPC training is continually improved and adapted to align to Government policy, doctrine and guidance. With the evolving impact of the global pandemic, we have selected the most appropriate subject areas and revised our content to ensure that it remains relevant. Our instructors are delivering this content in the context of the pandemic and are able to draw on and share the emerging practices that are making a difference in our communities. Understanding the established guidance and good practice, sharing our current experiences, and continuing to learn from each other, will help us all to build our individual and collective capabilities to continue responding, recovering and preparing to deal with what comes next to challenge us.

For a brand-new schedule of blended learning opportunities, please visit the EPC website now to book your place.