Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Geneva Centre for Security Policy

We always follow ‘The GCSP Way’. Its great strength lies in its inclusive approach. We consider all points of view; we seek to reconcile opposites, break down barriers, and encourage creativity in tackling international challenges.

In all our activities, we equip individuals with knowledge, skills and contacts to develop their strategic, innovative and critical thinking.

Each year more than 1’200 course participants attend executive education activities in Geneva and abroad. They include government officials (diplomats, military officers, policy makers), representatives of international organisations and non-governmental organisations, business leaders, politicians and journalists of more than 184 nationalities. Our executive education activities give participants access to over 1’000 first class experts and practitioners from around the world and is certified with the EDUQUA label, a Swiss quality label for continuing education.

We have an ever-growing alumni community of over 9,000 international professionals that is vibrant, global and known for its influence.

Our principles of impartiality, independence and inclusiveness make us a sought-after venue for track 1.5 and 2.0 diplomacy.