Building Universities in Leading Disaster Resilience

Building Universities in Leading Disaster Resilience

The project has received close to €1 million from the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education fund to build 8 Centres of Excellence in Disaster Resilience in universities across Indonesia, develop curriculum benchmarks in disaster management education, deliver disaster awareness training and establish a national network for knowledge exchange, research, innovation and fundraising to ensure the future sustainability of the our disaster resilience endeavors.

The launch of the BUiLD project is the result of working in partnership with universities, public sector organisations and private companies across Indonesia, Europe and the UK for half a decade. It has been inspired by a joint vision and desire to develop disaster resilience within Indonesia and worldwide and through this safeguard economic prosperity and societal well-being.

The project extends the endeavours of the “Growing Indonesia – a Triangular Approach” project that since December 2017 is successfully embedding entrepreneurial capacity within universities and local communities. Through its associated partners, the Consortium brings together leading universities in Indonesia and Europe, as well as internationally recognised consultancies and disaster aid organisations with established expertise in disaster management education, research and response capability.